Got a great idea for a sex ed initiative and looking for funds to be able to achieve it?

The Jeunes Queer Youth (JQY) Program is looking to find queer, trans or allied youth leaders who are keen to make sexual health information accessible and meaningful for our community. Check out the details below on how to apply!

Project applications are currently on pause

What should I consider?

JQY is looking for proposals that address sexual health & well being specifically for queer and trans youth living in the Greater Montreal Area. Ideally the project will:

01. Increase

Increase the sexual health knowledge of youth and staff in our community

02. Promote

Promote harmonious and respectful relationships between peers

03. Develop

Develop project management and leadership skills

04. Transform

Positively transform our community by combating LGBTQ+ phobia and promoting inclusion

Okay, I’ve submitted something. Now what?

Great! Once you’ve submitted your proposal, the JQY staff and our Youth Selection Committee will review the applications and will inform you of their decision within a maximum of three week. However, project applications are currently on pause.

My project got approved!
What happens next?

When the confirmation email will be sent, different forms that offer different methods of assistance will be offered to you with the help of the JQY staff in the creation of your project. They are here to support you throughout your project so do not hesitate to contact them to ask questions. However, the project applications are currently on pause.

My project didn’t get approved.

Boo indeed! JQY only has funding for 10 projects a year so if we have a large number of applications, we unfortunately won’t be able to fund every project. If you would like to receive feedback on your application though, feel free to get in touch with the JQY staff at & However, the project applications are currently on pause.