Jeunes Queer Youth organises two leadership summits a year.

It’s a chance for youth to meet, network and attend workshops related to sexual health and overall wellbeing. Best of all, it’s free!

Two types of summits are available for youth to participate!

Safer Space Summit

The JQY Safer Space Summit happens once a year and is reserved for a smaller group of queer and trans youth. The focus is on information sharing and covering more sensitive subjects that youth feel are relevant to their specific needs.

Community Summit

The JQY Community Summit invites queer and trans youth, their allies as well as individuals from community organisations and schools to participate in a larger group setting. The focus for this yearly event is to network and to have youth connect with different resources available to them within the Montreal community.

They include

01. Information

Access to sexual health information and resources specific to queer and trans youth

02. Workshops

Access to bilingual sexual health workshops

03. Networking

Networking opportunities to meet other youth and community organisations

04. Platform

A platform for youth projects to be presented to other youth and the larger Montreal community