Meet Naïka

Naïka Champaïgne

Youth Intervention worker at the JQY program

Pronom : She/her/elle

Courriel :

1. What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to have a music studio in my home where I can play music all the time and to still give back to my communities.


2. Who is the person you admire most and why?

My mother. Our relationship has grown so much and there is a lot to say but she is really an incredible person that is always looking to grow.


3. What object could you not do without?

My instruments.


4. What would you want people to know about you?

I love reading. Send me recommendations of books!


5. What is your role in JQY?

My role in JQY is to guide the youth in the creation of their project, to support them throughout the process as well as give them resources, services and programs that promote their sexual, social, emotional and physical well-being.


6. What motivates you the most in the JQY project?

The youths and their creativity and the fact that I am also part of the community!


7. What do you do when you need to unwind?

I work out and play music.


8. What is the film or book that has transformed you the most and why?

It isn’t a movie that has transformed me but the book I read the most is the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings ahah it’s just a book from my younger days and it brings me peace when I need to take it easy.


9. What is the cause or value you will carry throughout your life?

The value that I will always carry throughout my life is the one that I am constantly learning: to let vulnerability take place within my personal life journey


10. If you were to eat a single food for the rest of your life, it would be…

Casse-croute chez Sissi et Paul. Period.