Meet Naja

Name: Naja

Job title: Programming Coordinator

Pronoun: She / Her

E-mail address:

1. What is your biggest dream?

 I let my dreams surprise me. I love realizing a dream I never even knew I had.

 2. Who is the person you admire most and why?

I like to see : Romanticize your own life, not someone else’s. That being said, I admire too many people to pick just one favorite.

3. What object could you not do without?

My water bottle. Every day, forever.


4. What would you want people to know about you?


Although I don’t do it as much anymore, I am a licensed piercing artist and have years of experience working on bikes. I love chatting about it!

5. What is your role in JQY?

 With my colleague at P10, we discuss projects submitted to JQY and vote after consensus. If groups working with JQY need meetings, feedback, or resources, we are also here for them. We regularly meet with JQY to talk about future events and exchanging suggestions. I also help organize the JQY summits.

6. What motivates you the most in the JQY project?

I love concrete, material and financial support. It allows youth to see the fruit of their labor and the gratification they need to move forward. When youth receive this kind of support, they also become able to receive support in many other ways. I hope that this aid can allow them to realize that they deserve this support 100%

 7. What do you do when you need to unwind?

I take a walk, anywhere, I create an adventure in my head, I try to find secret places that I had never seen before.

8. What is the film or book that has transformed you the most and why?

Cidade de Deus and Hero (with Jet Li) changed the way I see movies, the cinematography and how I let myself react to watching them. I have many new favorites now.

9. What is the cause or value you will carry throughout your life?

 Love for Trans Women of Color

 10. If you were to eat a single food for the rest of your life, it would be…

Avocado. A great fruit, not acidic, lots of ways to transform and eat it, lots of fiber for digestion.

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