Meet Olivia

Olivia Siino

JQY Program Coordinator

Pronoun: she/her

E-mail address :

1. What is your biggest dream?

It might be weird, but I’m not sure I have one yet.

2. Who is the person you admire most and why?

I don’t have one at this point. Maybe when I figure out what my dreams are.

3. What object could you not do without?

I could not live without Google Maps! Thank you Google Maps for always being there for me.

4. What would you want people to know about you?

Like the potato, I’m adaptable, thrive in the summer and am a party favorite.

5. What is your role in JQY?

Organizing youth summits, helping to develop projects, creating activities for youth!

6. What motivates you the most in the JQY project?

The opportunity for youth to develop their ideas in a space that supports them on multiple levels. Also, that the program connects people who would have otherwise never crossed paths.

7. What do you do when you need to unwind?

Depends on the season. In the summer you’ll find me running or going on hikes. In the winter, you’ll never find me. I’ll be watching TV and eating in bed to unwind.

8. What is the film or book that has transformed you the most and why?

The book Overqualified. It’s hilarious, profound, and pure genius as it challenges the notion of “story” and “plot”. It is a series of cover letters as job applications the author, Joey Comeau, writes to huge corporations. It came into my life when I was writing cover letters for jobs every day, and it really helped me understand the ridiculousness of it all.

9. What is the cause or value you will carry throughout your life?

I really value constant change and self-reflection. Nothing is ever perfect or finished, and to work against perfection or a “final product”, is to work against capitalism and white supremacy.

10. If you were to eat a single food for the rest of your life, it would be…

Bread… and cheese. I’m going to go ahead and say bread and cheese are one food, because what is cheese without bread and what is bread without cheese? And what is me without either of them.

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