Let’s Get It On!

Our project name:   Let’s Get It On!   Who are we?   We are a group of 22 Dawson College Social Service students who organized this project to provide our peers with better, more inclusive sex ed.   Our project and our objectives:   Let’s Get it on is

ChamPaint MTL

Who are we? Three students of colour. Fatimatou, Misanka Stephanie, and Mitchell Rae.   Our project and our objectives Our goal was to create a space where people of colour could come together in a safer space and discuss the issues and realities of our lives. As students we realized

Trans and Non-Binary Workshop!

Who are we? Jasper & Wes Our project and objectives: We are creating a trans and non-binary 101 workshop for Anglophone students in Montréal through the SILK Program. Our goal is to teach high school students about trans identities, while specifically focusing on non-binary identities and self-acceptance. Just like other

Makeup workshops for trans* people!

Who are we? Léah, Social Work student at McGill and Alexandre, final year in Sexology at UQÀM. All of us did our internship at ASTT(e)Q, and we were inspired by the needs of our participants to develop our JQY project. Our project and our objectives: To offer two makeup workshops