Let’s Get It On!

Our project name:


Let’s Get It On!


Who are we?


We are a group of 22 Dawson College Social Service students who organized this project to provide our peers with better, more inclusive sex ed.


Our project and our objectives:


Let’s Get it on is a student run project that provides Dawson College students with inclusive sex education. To achieve this goal we attempted to create a safe space for them to gain knowledge and participate in discussions. Our project brought in organisations to cover topics such as; consent, healthy relationships, sexual assault, STIs, stereotypes and gender identity.


We held a fair in which organisations provided information to students at various booths. Afterwards, we brought in a sexologist speaker, Laurie Betito, who answered questions and provided information on chosen topics. To end the event we held workshops provided by organisations available to all students



Why did we feel that this project was important for Montreal’s queer and trans youth community?:


Many students have had inadequate sex ed in high school, especially queer and trans students. We believe it is never too late and wanted to help students become better informed about sex-related topics.

What did we do with the money?


We used the money to fund all the materials we needed for the fair.


Our project process:


We had a whole class devoted to this project, so we spent a great deal of time putting it together. It was difficult at times with such a large and diverse group of people, but we definitely learned in the process.


What we learned from doing our project that we’d like to share with you:


Inclusive language can be so important to LGBTQ communities, especially the trans community. Pretty much everyone has room to grow in this aspect and can be more conscious about how they use gendered language. If we were to do this project again we might write a short note to speakers to remember to use neutral language!