QTMoC Art!

Who are we?

A small team of Queer and Trans Muslims of Colour from various backgrounds with a driving passion for community building

Our project and our objectives:

Fostering safer spaces by which Queer and Trans Muslim youth of Colour can connect with an intergenerational community of their peers and benefit from a free and supportive space to learn about sexual health information.

Why did we feel that this project was important for Montreal’s queer and trans youth community?:

We noticed a distinct lack of spaces empowering and encouraging QTMoC folks of all ages to be comfortable enough and supported enough in their currently marginalized identities to take up space in our broader communities and contribute constructively and openly in society, thus creating a pathway towards the visibility, normalization and inclusion of LGBTQ+ Muslims of Colour in daily life.

What did we do with the money?

The bulk of the money went to rental fees for spaces in community-oriented bookstores around the Island of Montreal in order to bring our social group spaces into different isolated communities that typically are not served by other outreach programs. The rest went to art supplies, snacks, translation and promotion materials.

Our project process:

Providing art supplies and snacks, and planning from the beginning for a travelling, low-pressure social gathering. By focusing on constructive, supportive outreach amongst marginalized Muslim Communities of Colour that often leave their Queer and Trans members isolated, we were able to foster a community of people who have a shared lived experience. This created a smooth pathway to mentorship and learning omnidirectionally between community members, regardless of age.

What we learned from doing our project that we’d like to share with you:

That there are so many people looking to connect and collaborate, and that none of us is as alone as we fear we are. That, and organizing a project like this can be fun, easy, and fulfilling!

What we’d like other youth to know about our experience with JQY:

That this is an amazing program with tons of experience and wisdom to share for anyone looking to build connections and community strength.

How to reach us?

Anyone interested can get in touch via email: qtmocart@gmail.com