Revolution They Wrote: Short Works Feminist Theatre and Performance Festival

Who am I?

Murdoch is a feminist theatre director working and studying in Montreal.

My project and objectives:

RTW: Short Works Feminist Theatre and Performance Festival is a 4 day festival (March 22-25) that focuses on providing a platform for unheard feminist voices. We prioritize the voices of Queer, Trans, BIPOC and people with disabilities.

Our goal is to showcase the voices of local feminist artists, and enable them to create new works that will make a change in our community. We want to show the diversity of voices here in Montreal and show the theatre community that by empowering artists we are creating a change towards a more diverse and harmonious community.

Why did I feel that this project was important for Montreal’s queer and trans youth community?:

The project was created 4 years ago out of an impulse to see more women, trans, and gender non-binary people empowered to tell their stories. We created a platform for voices of marginalized people to speak about their experiences and have the community around them come together to celebrate and witness their truths.

What I did with the money:

The funds went toward booking one of the spaces for our performances

Our project process:

We have an open call for submissions that ends in December. We then jury all applications and by January we have 8 short performance works picked. We have a few artist meetings and an early draft presentation where artists in the festival can give each other feedback. In March we devide the 8 works into 2 show programs each with 4 works. Each program plays nightly, program one is in the Minimain and program 2 is in the MainLine Gallery.

What I learned from doing my project that I’d like to share with you:

Montreal has really rad feminist performance creators who are grappling with many intersecting identities. Their work is powerful and exciting and bringing them together creates an electric energy that ignites more challenging work.

What I’d like other youth to know about my JQY experience:

Often creating to have our voices heard space is quite hard but JQY has provided a lot of support and caring. They met us where we were and helped us to succeed.